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Walmart to Enter New York CityNot With a Store, but an Ecommerce Center

Marks and Spencer - Profit They have been relocated, for example, to others stores. However, Mr. Rowe warned that more redundancies are “likely.” Since the advent of the Internet, retail businesses of all sizes have had to embrace e-commerce , i.e., online shopping. As a percentage of total retail sales, online shopping has been increasing year-after-year . M&S plans to move one-third of its total sales online. Under its plan, there will be fewer and larger homeware and clothing M&S stores. The company says that it wants to focus on bricks and mortars stores with the best locations. M&S’ profits have been declining rapidly over the last few years. ( Data Source: ) Mr. Norman said that for him, it is not the short- or medium-term that matters, but rather the long-term.

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